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In God's Peace and Love,Father Zeuner
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May 1, 2014

Dear Parishioners:

As many of you know, as part of the Pastoral Planning Initiative, pastors whose parishes are being studied are required to submit their letters of resignation to the Archbishop along with what they would like to do if their resignation would be accepted.

In my letter, I said that Notre Dame de Lourdes is an active parish that needs a younger and healthier pastor and would hope that I could have a medical retirement and live in another rectory. I recently received a letter from Archbishop Chaput saying that I will become Pastor Emeritus of Notre Dame Parish effective upon the appointment of a new pastor in June 2014.

I am writing this letter to thank you for all the help and blessings which I have received from Notre Dame over the past fourteen years. The compassion you expressed to me since my health began deteriorating five years ago as well as the care and compassion you show to one another makes Notre Dame the special parish it has always been.

As I always say, my three medical conditions are being maintained well, but I do not have the energy to continue as a pastor even with the many wonderful staff and volunteers who have enabled me to enjoy my Pastorship here.

We recently received a letter telling us that the plan the Pastoral Planning Initiative submitted to the Archbishop was not accepted and so, although we know that Notre Dame de Lourdes Parish and School will continue, we do not know if Our Lady of Peace will be joined to us until May 30.

In conclusion, as I promise to always pray for you and your intentions, I ask for your continued prayers as I start this new phase of my pastoral ministry. Because of your and God’s goodness to me throughout the years, the ONLY gift I can accept of you is your promise of continued support for Notre Dame Parish.

I have spoken to the Worship Committee and there will be a reception on the last Sunday I am here, similar to what we did for Fr. Flanagan, and I hope you will bless me with your presence, NOT PRESENTS.
As the 4th pastor of Notre Dame Parish, I am sure that Fr. Nelson, Fr. Fonash, and Fr. Benonis ministered to Notre Dame de Lourdes as I did, mindful of the inspired words of Archbishop Romero. I am sure my successor will do the same. I am praying for my successor and I look forward to working with him during the transition period, mindful that he will be able to rely on your support.

Thanks again for fourteen joy-filled and blessed years.

In God’s Love and Peace,
Rev. Karl Zeuner Pastor

Click here to read the letter to Archbishop Chaput that accompanied the petitions signed by parishoners and friends of Notre Dame de Lourdes Parish.